How to exist in front of Coca Cola with a ten times less important budget?

Study undertaken in three steps (methodology: creative motivation workshops; semiology; brain-storming).

  1. Assessing the weaknesses compared with Coca Cola and the weaknesses of Coca Cola.
  2. Looking for solutions to give impetus, and reactivity of the target market to these solutions
  3. A redefining of the Pepsico brand platform resulting in a disruptive positioning around the values of 'Challenge'; Pepsi itself embodies this challenge through its association with the rather transgressive 'Kaïra Shopping', i.e. with mock-gangsta shoppers.

The interest of this case is that it goes up to the very end of the marketing logic.
Specific calibration and animation for teenagers.
The teenagers
'HEY, YA BUNCH OF BASTARDS!! If some of you afraid to be bored as shit this weekend... We pop in and have a gangsta...licious time of it!'